NWO is not a Zionist Conspiracy

Contrary to the widely held belief amongst the antizionist crowd, the New World Order (NWO) is not Zionist controlled….it is the exact opposite which stands opposed to Zionism. Zionism, the belief that Judea and Zion (Jerusalem) is home to the Jewish people, is an ideology of isolationism, sovereignty, and self-determination. Certainly not about a world controlled by Zionists. Jews have always been a mostly closed society with a strong emphasis on separateness from Gentile culture, and Paganism, which was even noted by the Roman historian Tacitus who wrote:

“ Moses, wishing to secure for the future his authority over the nation, gave them a novel form of worship, opposed to all that is practiced by other men. Things sacred with us, with them have no sanctity, while they allow what with us is forbidden…..This worship, however introduced, is upheld by its antiquity; all their other customs, which are at once perverse and disgusting, owe their strength to their very badness….The most degraded out of other races, scorning their national beliefs, brought to them their contributions and presents. This augmented the wealth of the Jews, as also did the fact, that among themselves they are inflexibly honest and ever ready to shew compassion, though they regard the rest of mankind with all the hatred of enemies…..They sit apart at meals, they sleep apart, and though, as a nation, they are singularly prone to lust, they abstain from intercourse with foreign women; among themselves nothing is unlawful. Circumcision was adopted by them as a mark of difference from other men.”

The isolationism of Jewish culture, was a thorn in the side of the Roman Greek imperialists, because unlike other cultures, which meshed in with Rome’s Pagan culture, Jewish monotheism was a bit of a problem. Judaism stood opposed to Paganism, the worshipping of idols and of mortal men, was shunned with a “to the death” zeal that created multiple conflicts between the Judeans and the Roman Greeks that ultimately lead to the destruction of the Second Temple. And just as it is in modern times, Rome too also had a vision of a united utopian global empire….but those “pesky Zionists” with their “contempt” for all mankind and their pagan systems, resisted this noble idea (sarcasm off).

It seems history is once again repeating itself in our times. The NWO of today envisions a united world of the “Brotherhood of man” and once again Paganism is playing a central role in the realization of this agenda…namely what we call the New Age Movement. And just as it occurred in the ancient past Zionism has been singled out as the outcast, the piece that will not fit in with the NWO…simply because Judaism does not recognize, nor desire any unity with Paganism (neither does biblical Christianity). Lets take a look at the major actors in the Globalist movement, and their views of Zionism to see just how the so-called New World Order (NWO) stands contrary to Zionism. Lets begin with Theosophy that plays a significant role within the UN construct, and what their plans are for all mankind…..and Zionists.

Lucis Trust a powerful UN NGO the founder of World Goodwill, created by Alice Ann Bailey, states on their web page that “Humanity is not following a haphazard or uncharted course — there is a Plan. This Plan has always existed and is part of the greater design of the Cosmos….There is an inner spiritual government of the planet, known under such different names as the spiritual Hierarchy, the society of Illumined Minds….” and that “The widespread expectation that we approach the “Age of Maitreya”, as it is known in the East, when the World Teacher and present head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the Christ, will reappear among humanity to sound the keynote of the new age.”

Of course they are not talking about the Christ of the Bible, but something else which is part of “The Plan” being advanced by a “spiritual Hierarchy, the society of Illumined Minds”….and they are working through the UN to achieved this odd plan of theirs. Now antiZionists will have us believe that the New World Order is a Zionist project, but according to Alice Bailey, Zionism (and Jews) has no place in this new order. She states:

“you can come to an understanding of the Jew, his separateness, his desire for racial purity and his interest in that which is commercial and tangible. The Jew, down the ages, has insisted upon being separated from all other races [because] he brought over from the previous system the knowledge (necessary then but obsolete now) that his race was the ‘chosen people.”

“They [Jews] have never yet faced candidly and honestly (as a race) the problem of WHY [her emphasis] the many nations, from the time of the Egyptians, have neither liked nor wanted them…. Yet there must be some reason, inherent in the people themselves, when the reaction is so general and universal. The evil karma (Holocaust?) of the Jew today is intended to end his isolation, to bring him to the point of …renouncing a nationality that has a tendency to be somewhat parasitic within the boundaries of other nations.”

In short Alice Bailey’s “Tibetan Masters” who are guiding mankind into a Global Brotherhood are antiZionist due to the isolationism of Zionism, and their view as being the “chosen people”, who are “opposing forces of entrenched evil” which “must be routed before He for Whom all men wait, the Christ, can come.” In other words Zionism has to go before this Utopian Brotherhood and the arrival of the “Christ” becomes a reality. Which may explain why every elite Globalist creep is working hard against Zionism and the state of Israel.

“Bailey (more accurately, the Hierarchy) was horrified when the State of Israel was actually established, blaming the American Jews for coercing the UN into this “mistake”. In fact, the Zionists single-handedly “lowered the prestige” of the United Nations and “made its position both negative and negligible to the world.” (_Rays and Initiations_, p.681)—The Rainbow Swastika

As previously noted the UN and many other NGO’s affiliated with it are the primary vehicles for the New Age Order, according to Robert Muller “The UN is the vision-light of the Absolute Supreme [Lucifer]…. The divine success and supreme progress of the United Nations is bound to become a reality. At his choice hour, the Absolute Supreme will ring his own victory-bell here on Earth through the loving and serving heart of the United Nations.”

The UN according to New Agers, is an institution that is aiding the plans of Lucifer, who they believe is the true god of light. Blavasky a Theosophist wrote “”Satan is the god of our planet, and the only god.” (I.e. The Absolute Supreme Being of New Agers who is working through the UN). Alice Bailey true to the line of her Theosophist sister also states “And now it stands proven that Satan, or the Red Fiery Dragon… and Lucifer, or ‘Light-Bearer,’ is in us: it is our Mind… the emanation of the very essence of the pure divine principal Mahat (Intelligence), which radiates direct from the Divine mind.”

Spooky stuff, even spookier when you realize that these people has consultative status in the UN and runs the UN meditation room. And naturally they do not have any love for Zionism, because the God of Judaism and Lucifer are bitter eternal enemies. Hitler who was also influenced by Theosophy, believed himself to be “selected by God to be Germany’s messiah” (Carr, p.36)” and “ later he made contact with an “ascended master” whom he identified as Lucifer or “the beast from the pit”. He eventually became convinced he was the reincarnation of Woden (or, Woton).”

“Another occultist to influence Hitler’s thinking was Dr. Karl Haushofer, who was introduced to Hitler in 1924 while the latter was in Landsberg prison. Haushofer, a Blavatsky disciple [Theosophist], combined a dubious “science” called “geopolitics” with Eastern mystical texts and _The Secret Doctrine_ principles, and claimed to have clairvoyant powers. It was Haushofer who schooled Hitler in _The Secret Doctrine_. (Carr, p.93) His geopolitical theories found their way into _Mein Kampf_. (Sklar, p.62) It was also Haushofer who forged Hitler’s alliance with Japan basing his case on astrological predictions (Sklar, p.69), and who gave him the “Lebensraum” concept. As the Nazi conquest advanced, Haushofer applied his theories through prophecies, which overruled the military leadership in directing troop movements. (Sklar, p.69) Besides Hitler, Haushofer had other prominent disciples: Rudolf Hess, later to become Hitler’s secretary; and Anton LaVey, who gained notoriety in later years for his promotion of Satanism. LaVey dedicated his work _The Satanic Bible_ in part to “Karl Haushofer, a teacher without a classroom.” (Sklar, p.63) Haushofer’s fortunes fell, however, when his son Albrecht conspired in the 1944 coup against Hitler and was arrested; father Karl was sent to Dachau.” Source, The Rainbow Swastika

Hitler as a Luciferian was also probably possessed “Hitler was standing there in his bedroom, stumbling about, looking around him with a distraught look. He was muttering: ‘It’s him! It’s him! He’s here!’ His lips had turned blue. He was dripping with sweat. Suddenly he uttered some numbers which made no sense, then some words, then bits of sentences. It was frightening. He used terms which were strung together in the strangest way and which were absolutely weird. Then, he again became silent, although his lips continued to move. He was given a massage and something to drink. Then all of a sudden, he screamed: ‘There! Over there! In the corner! Who is it?’ He was jumping up and down, and he was howling.” (Rauschning, p.285-286).

“[Whatever the reader may conclude about the Unknown Superiors, whether a figment of a sick mind or real entities, please remember that both Nazi cosmology and NA religion view(ed) them as real and independent beings – and also as extensions of one’s own untapped divinity. No provision is made in either system for the possibility of ascended beings who first seduce their channels and then torment them. Yet stories similar to the above are not uncommon in NA circles. From those who leave the New Age after such an experience, the verdict is uniform: the Guides are clever deceivers with evil motives. For those who stay, the solution is to blame oneself for the “bad trip” and blindly dive in deeper; this was apparently Hitler’s choice.]” Rainbow Swastika

The Nazi movement is claimed by many to be a Christian movement but Hitler himself wrote that Biblical Christianity “only added the seeds of decadence such as forgiveness, self-abnegation, weakness, false humility and the very denial of the evolutionary laws of survival of the fittest [social Darwinism],” and that Judeo-Christian ethics or “Conscience [conscience shaped by biblical ethics], is a Jewish invention. It is a blemish, like circumcision…. There is no such thing as truth, either in the moral or in the scientific sense. The new man would be the antithesis of the Jew.” (Sklar, p. 57-58). The Holocaust in every sense was a continuing spiritual war against Judaism played out in the physical realm. Another example of this is seen in the Nazi attempt to “wean the masses from standard Christianity by removing the Jewish-influenced “negative” parts, that is the Old Testament and most of the New Testament, imposing gnostic meanings on key passages, adding colorful pagan legend, and repackaging it in their 1920 platform as “positive Christianity” (Angeberts, p.202-203).

I hope the reader is beginning to understand what the so-called New World Order is really all about….it is an order without Israel, without Zionism……without biblical Christians…these groups are viewed as hurdles and threats to “World Peace”. Both find themselves increasingly becoming targets of hostility. Like in the US Biblical Christianity is virtually barred from schools and other public institutions because it is “offensive” and “divisive” (preaching is also under attack) while Zionism is discriminated against in the UN forum accused of being “racist” “divisive” and a “threat to world peace”. This is no coincidence…..welcome to the real New World Order.

The creation of Israel and the opposition of the Globalists.

Most if not all antizionists believes that since the Zionists “controls the World” Israel was able to found its state. But the facts do not support this theory, as Israel encountered much resistance to its creation by those holding to the Globalist concept. Elite Internationalists in both Britain and the US opposed the creation of Israel. The US State Department, which has never been all that friendly with Israel, tried everything it could to persuade President Truman not to recognize Israel. General George C. Marshall the author of the “Marshall Plan” to finance the reconstruction of those countries that killed countless Americans, protested the creation of Israel with fiery zeal. According to Clarke Clifford, who participated in the meetings on the Palestine question, General Marshall “firmly opposed American recognition of the new Jewish state”, and that “Marshall’s opposition was shared by almost every member of the brilliant and now-legendary group of men, later referred to as “the *Wise Men,*”who were then in the process of creating a postwar foreign policy (New International Order) that would endure for more than forty years. The opposition in­cluded the respected Undersecretary of State, Robert Lovett; his prede­cessor, Dean Acheson; the number-three man in the State Department, Charles Bohlen; the brilliant chief of the Policy Planning Staff, George F. Kennan; the dynamic and driven Secretary of Defense, James V. Forrestal; and a man with whom I would disagree again twenty years later when we served together in the Cabinet, Dean Rusk, then the Director of the Office of *United Nations* Affairs.”

So then we see that the State Department which was very instrumental in authoring the UN charter and mobilizing support amongst the American public for the new International Government Forum, had no interest in a Zionist state. Also some of the names of the opposition is interesting like Robert Lovett who “was a member of the Skull and Bones society at Yale University[1][2] where he graduated in 1918” (wiki). Reader should consult Antony Sutton’s book on the Skull and Bones secret society and learn how they played a significant role in the Nazi movement. It is an occult order tied in with New Age Paganism. James V. Forrestal who was involved with the “Ukrainian Nazi elite unit Nachtigall Brigade” and “which Forrestal had helped to smuggle to the United States.” Dean Acheson member of the occultic Yale secret society Scroll and Key the “second oldest and wealthiest Yale secret society“ was a participant at the Bretton Woods Conference on behalf of the State Department where the “International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the last of which [that] would evolve into the World Trade Organization” were created. Other prominent names of State Department officials included Henry Stimpson, Skull and Bones member 1888, Secretary of the War Department, authorized the use of the Atomic Bomb against Japan. John J McCloy, member of the “Wise Men” group, Assistant Secretary of War during WWII, President of the World Bank, Chairman of Chase Bank, chairman of the Ford Foundation (Founded by the anti-Semite Henry Ford, provides funding to anti-Israel NGO’s ), trustee of Rockefeller Foundation. Refused to bomb railroads leading to the Nazi concentration camps. “At his direction, a campaign of wholesale pardoning and commutation of sentences of Nazi criminals took place, including those of the prominent industrialists Friedrich Flick and Alfried Krupp, and Martin Sandberger, the son of an IG Farben industrialist. McCloy also pardoned Ernst von Weizsäcker. (In 1978 Ernst Weizsacker’s son German President Richard von Weizsäcker conferred honorary German Citizenship on McCloy). Some of the less notable figures were retried and convicted in the newly independent West Germany.”

The US state department was a Anglo-dominated department involved with the shaping of the New International Order, that not only opposed the creation of Israel but also tried mightily to hinder the saving of Jews from their Nazi executioners. Such as the State Department’s blockage of visas to European Jews. Kenneth Levin explains “State Department officials throughout this period typically held strong anti-immigration sentiments and seem to have been especially determined to block the immigration of Jews into the United States. Policies adopted by State regarding issuance of visas were in fact much more restrictive than even the strict immigration laws of the period. Thus, the number of visas issued to Jews during the war, including during the years when the Nazis’ genocide program was fully known, was barely 10 percent of those potentially available to European Jews under the immigration quota legislation then in effect.”

Levin explains that the British had an identical policy.
“The lengths to which the British Foreign Office went to prevent the rescue of Jews is indicated by an episode involving Japan. In 1940, the Japanese vice consul in Kovno, Lithuania, Chiune Sugihara, issued several thousand visas to Jews desperate to escape Europe. Hillel Levine, a professor of sociology and religion at Boston University who was working on a book about Sugihara, did research in the archives of the Japanese Foreign Ministry in Tokyo to investigate to what extent the Japanese government was aware of Sugihara’s efforts to save Jews. He not only discovered documents there charting Sugihara’s activities but also complaints from the British Foreign Office (this is, of course, before Britain and Japan were at war) protesting Sugihara’s visas and warning that the rescued Jews would become a burden on Japan.”

So here we see that the US and Britain the same two nations involved in shaping the New Order were secretly aiding the Nazi Holocaust. Just as Alice Bailey wrote that The New Order cannot be a reality until Zionism is eliminated it seems strangely coincidental that Britain and the US were trying to accomplish this very thing! Professor Francisco Gil White tells us about the postponing of visas to Jews “It is important to see that a strategy of “postpone and postpone and postpone” is not at all the same as denying visas. As Emmanuel Celler complained: “It takes months and months to grant the visas and then it usually applies to a corpse.” In other words, many Jews who were told repeatedly that they would get a visa, the issuance of which kept getting postponed, did not seek a safe haven elsewhere, and as a result were overtaken by Hitler’s men. [Assistant Secretary of State, Breckinridge] Long’s strategy was therefore designed not merely to keep Jews out of the US, but to assist Adolph Hitler’s Final Solution by corralling as many Jews as possible where Hitler could find them.”

Professor Gil-White continues: Margaret E. Jones, an American Quaker trying to help European Jews emigrate to the US, wrote to Clarence E. Pickett, a leader in the Quaker community,[6] telling him of her conversations with various US consular officials in Europe about the impact of this memo. As you will see from the quote below, Ms. Jones was under the impression that the US Congress wanted to stop immigration to the US completely and hypothesized that the State Department was acting in good faith, such that the new draconian restrictions on immigration were meant to mollify Congress and thus prevent it from prohibiting any immigration to the US. The consular officials in Europe disabused her of this notion and explained to her that it was not Congress but president Roosevelt himself who did not want “non-Aryans” entering the country. Here is an excerpt from Margaret Jones letter:
“Last July, en route from Geneva back to the Vienna Center, I stopped in Zurich and had an interview with Mr. Strom, at the U.S. Consulate. He told me of recent orders from Washington [the Breckinridge Long memo] which would severely limit the number of visas ordinarily issued month by month from the various Consulates… Later in Vienna, Mr. Hohenthal told me too about the new stringent regulations, and was also obviously interested when I raised the same question with him. About the middle of August, the Consulate…telephoned to say [that] Mr. Warren, Mr. Morris and Mr. Hohenthal and I [talk] that afternoon about the new regulations concerning emigration. Mr. Warren began by saying, ‘Miss Jones, you Quakers will be doing a straight relief job for the non-Aryans here from now on.’ I said, ‘No more non Aryans to go to the U.S.?’ Warren replied- ‘Not just non-Aryans – but no more aliens.’ Then I asked him… was this an attempt to forestall Congress and prevent an out and out closing of immigration by making so severe a cut that the State Dept. could assure Congress they had the situation in hand. Mr. Warren said not Congress, but the President just did not want any more aliens coming to the U.S. and would like to have it closed especially for aliens coming from Germany.”[7] (my emphasis)
We must take note not only of the fact that State Department officials appeared quite aware of all this being president Roosevelt’s initiative, but that these same officials matter-of-factly used Hitler’s racist language in reference to Jews (“non-Aryans”), and also that there was a special concern to prevent immigration from Germany (i.e. specifically to prevent Jews fleeing slaughter).
Additional evidence that Roosevelt was directly behind all this comes from Breckinridge Long himself, who made the following entry in his diary, dated 3 October 1940 (four months after his “postpone, postpone, postpone” memo):
“So when I saw him [FDR] this morning the whole subject of immigration, visas, safety of the United States, procedures to be followed; and all that sort of thing was on the table. I found that he was 100% in accord with my ideas… The President expressed himself as in entire accord with the policy which would exclude persons about whom there was any suspicion that they would be inimical to the welfare of the United States no matter who had vouchsafed for them and irrespective of their financial or other standing. I left him with the satisfactory thought that he was wholeheartedly in support of the policy which would resolve in favor of the United States any doubts about admissibility of any individual.”[8]
The US State Department both conspired to aid the Holocaust and to prevent a Jewish state. Also you can now understand why the Zionists in Palestine were fighting the Brits. They rightly guessed that the Brits were enemies in spite of the previous support of the Balfour Declaration by Britain produced by sympathetic Christian Zionists. All antizionists believe however that Rothschild the supposed ruler of Britain dictated British support of the creation of Israel, and yet they refuse to face the fact that Britain (and the US State Department) took extreme measures to prevent a Jewish state from becoming a political reality in Judea. Israel was reluctantly recognized by the Western powers and were hoping they would not survive the Arab assault on Israel Proper, not only did they hope the Jewish nation wouldn’t survive, they actively aided the Arab states in their war against Israel.

I don’t wont to send too much at one time, so I will be sending this article in parts. So stay tuned for part 2.



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Christian Zionist, dedicated to debunking lies against Israel and the Jewish people.
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12 Responses to NWO is not a Zionist Conspiracy

  1. D. Jeff Perry says:

    The honest occultists, polytheists and Christians who practice tolerance as well as Free Masons all need to unite against the true common enemy which is not the NWO so much as it is the Islamics and their influence on banks and oil companies who they use to destroy western civilization. The Obama, his State Dept and the UN are all controlled by these dirty, filthy Islamics who have been allowed to control the world’s wealth and best territories! Colonialism was the natural order of things and we should all regret that the West didn’t listen to Rudyard Kipling who really saw the Muslims for what they were and have always been.
    Muhammad was a child molester, a thief, a murderer and a liar who stole from different religious systems without giving anything back! His Cult is a haven for barbaric practices that belong in the ash heap of primitive history!

  2. Ryan Barlow says:

    Many people dream of buying new items for personal their own personal use or for the household, but they cannot afford to do so because everything is so expensive. However, some banks and financial institutions offer loans to consumers called “online car title loans.” Borrowers are expected to repay the loan amount within a specified period with interest.

  3. Obadiah 1:18 says:

    You’re wrong. The NWO is largely a Jewish construct. The Jews control the banking industry, the media, and have an enormous influence on politics. Throughout history they’ve been kicked out of pretty much every white European country you care to name. Spain expelled them twice, and England passed a law forbidding them to live in that country. People can scream ANTI-SEMITISM! all the like, but if a drunk keeps getting thrown out of one pub after the other, it’s safe to say that the problem is with the drunk and not with the pubs. People don’t take to Jews because wherever Jews set up shop in significant numbers, moral degradation, economic tyranny, and civil unrest soon follow.

    Antisemitism is a sickness: you catch if from Jews.

    • sugarhitman says:

      Youre an adherent of the Christian Identity Movement? That alone renders your rant irrelevant.

    • Ripp says:

      No offense, but you are wrong. Zionism is just a cover for the real threat to society. The real threat that has always been the threat to mankind. It comes from the serpent itself, and the followers if it that hide within the secret societies that worship that snake. That is not to say that there is not any bad Zionists out there. There are negative individuals in every group of people, however, your standing on the wrong foot. I was there once myself, until I dug deeper into what I thought was the truth. I was surprised by the results, and I had to apologize to those I wronged.

  4. JMO says:

    Interesting article. I’ve never really heard this point of view before. i mean you hear pro-zionism all day everyday in the western media, but i’ve never heard that zionism and nwo are opposites. I’m inclined to disagree as there seems to be much more evidence that zionists are behind much of the strife in the world today. they have indeed highjacked the american government, created several govt. depts designed to remove our rights, dumb us down, poison us, and reduce our numbers in order to usher in this new order with ease. Also, these same israel-firsters in america are the ones at the helm in pushing for wars against all of israels enemies (and against any country without a rothchilds central bank) using america’s soldiers and tax dollars. when one looks at the hand on the faucet from which all evil flows, and the sparkle in their eye when they turn the faucet off and say “see, we eliminated all wars”, we will know that it was them that created the worlds suffering and ended it at just the right time to take credit for world peace and usher in their new age. when you see that zionists ARE NOT jewish, but hide behind judaism, you can clearly see that these crazy warmongers are indeed part of the NWO. having said that, i will research your above words and your limited references.

    • sugarhitman says:

      Keep researching….Me I use the Bible as my guide…read Joel 3 and then compare it with Luke 21 and Matthew 24…There is a pagan Gentile conspiracy against the Jews and Israel, and not vice-versa.

  5. katie says:

    Bravo…always grand to hear opposing view points….most pro zionist material seems like drivel to me. 🙂

  6. Ripp says:

    I would like to give a bit of personal experience to you. It comes from both sides of this topic; anti-ZOG and the Brotherhood of the Snake.

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