False Visualization and The Israeli-Arab Conflict

One of the major problems plaguing the Israeli-Arab conflict is the problem of False Visualization. Like for instance, comparing the Israelis with the Nazis and the Arabs with the Jewish Holocaust victims (which is absurd in light of the fact that there was a very significant Arab collaboration with the Nazi murderers). Or the false image of Israel as being like the former South African Apartheid government. Is this bazaar phenomenon due to ignorance or is it intentional? Its hard to imagine that its due to ignorance because even the very educated indulge in it. The Israelis we are often told by Academics and Media, are responsible for the Arab Refugee Issue, and the image they present is one of Israelis armed to the teeth burning villages and expelling its Arab population, as the Jews themselves suffered during the many pogroms against them…or the many barbarous crimes of ethnic cleansing committed in both the past and modern times. What is rarely ever presented is the correct image of Jews defending themselves against multiple Arab armies whose stated goal was to destroy the Jews. Even the confessions of some Arab leaders giving confirmation to a once widely known fact, that most of the Arab refugees actually fled their homes on orders by their Arab leaders, are often ignored.

Of course they never mention the 800,000 to 1,000,000 Jews who were expelled or forced to flee from their ancient homes in Africa and the Middle-east..most of whom were absorbed into the state of Israel, along side of almost 200,000 Israeli-Arabs, who refused to obey the orders of their Arab leaders to evacuate. Yes, there were some villages destroyed by the Israelis, but most of these were on the borders where foreign Arab Jihadists were being allowed to infiltrate to join the Jihadist crusade against the Holocaust survivors and their brothers who managed to settle Judea before the Nazis rose to power….but most of the Arab Refugees obeyed their leaders. So in fact, the Arabs are responsible for their own refugees and the Jewish refugees, and yet we are bombarded daily of false images of Jews committing “ethnic cleansing” and being responsible for the Refugee Issue. Even the aggressive, genocidal intent of the Arabs is explained away by the false image of Jews being puppets of an Anglo-American conspiracy to set up a Zionist colonialist state in Judea to oppress the Arabs…this they tell us is what the Arabs are “resisting”. To produce this false image requires a willingness to omit large amounts of facts that contradicts this image…like for instance the facts that the British and American governments did everything they could to ensure that a Jewish state would not become a reality to safeguard their oil interests in the Arab world. Like for instance the British 1939 White Paper that basically opposed the creation of a Jewish state in favor of an Arab-Jewish state, with real political power tilting strongly towards the Arab majority..i.e. another Arab state with a second class Jewish population.

Also to be ignored is the fact the US State Dept. opposed the creation of Israel. The State Dept. was so against the creation of Israel, that it’s head Marshall Clarke threatened President Truman. And after Truman recognized Israel the US government would not release the State Dept.’s arms embargo placed on the “middle-east” (Israel) while the Arabs were being supplied, trained and led by British officers. Clearly, the Zionists were not tools of the West..the Arabs were, and with their oil deposits, the West were tools of the Arabs.

The Israelis are also presented as being like the racist white South Afrikaners, oppressing the Arabs like the blacks were in SA. The Security Fence is often used as evidence for this, intentionally mislabeled a “Wall” even though 90% of it is fence, and it was built in response to Arab terrorists who point blank targeted any Jews they could find to kill. In other words, the Fence was put up to keep racist Arab terrorists out, and to keep Jews safe from them. Ohhhh our ears are full of stories about the “evil Jews” using checkpoints to inflict the innocent Arab population, the blockade to starve them to death etc etc, but never the facts why these measures were employed. Before these measures, the Arabs had a field day in infiltrating the pre-67 borders of Israel (before the “Occupation”) and killing children in schools or even in their sleep…Israel was then like a sheep pen with out a fence to protect them from merciless wolves. And when it is successfully pointed out that terrorism occurred before these measures and the “Occupation”, they resort to conjuring up images of invading Jews “stealing Palestinian” land during the Zionist Agricultural Movement…which is easily shown not to be true. We get images of Judea and Samaria inhabited and owned by a homogeneous native population, ignoring the wealth of writings describing that land as being settled by multiple ethnic groups from around the world, many, if not most for religious reasons. Never do they present the true image of Judea and Samaria being not owned by any one group, but multiple groups having their own quarters and villages. Somehow these groups had rights to settle, but not the Jews who bought 500,000 acres of land they worked to build their settlements on. Well, they say, but the Jews wanted all the land, which was previously true, but we dont hear about the fact that the Jews had relinquished claims to all of “Palestine” and accepted limiting their state to on the land they owned….hence Partition. But the Arabs refused even that, even though they didnt own the land the Jews built their settlements on! And not only did they reject that, they launched a war to rob those Jews of those lands they owned legally.

During the war of 48, Jordan cleansed East Jerusalem and East Judea (the “West Bank” an invention made by Jordan when she illegally annexed East Judea) of all its Jewish inhabitants, AFTER, Jordan and Britain cleansed East “Palestine” of Jews forbidding Jews to settle there (while allowing illegal Arab immigrants to settle in Jewish territory)…talk about Ethnic Cleansing! After the Jews won the 67 war, many Jews sought to move back into those territories which now has been redefined as “illegal”. Jews are not allowed to settle Arab countries but the world expects the Jews to allow 4 million Arabs to “return” to Israel? Its becoming quite clear who are mostly like Apartheid South Africa…and it certainly isnt the Israelis with over a million Arab voters..20% of Israeli civilians.

During and after the Israeli-Gaza War, the ugliness of False Visualization with its false and distorted images poisoned millions if not billions of minds around the world. The Israelis were so demonized to the point that the world began comparing them with Nazi Germany (which in reality is simply a sadistic intent to be insensitive towards the Jews and the Holocaust victims..thats the real reason behind the equating Israelis with Nazis). There was very little said about the rockets, missiles and mortars being fired into Israel with the intent to point blank target Israeli civilians. And when something was said about it, it was basically brushed aside as being harmless, or ineffective…never mind that over 8000 of them were fired. Also what is ignored and even denied (even after Hamas admitted to it) is the sinister use of human shields to provide cover and protection for terrorists and launching sites..in the hopes that civilians are killed to score propaganda points….like the Turkish Flotilla ship in which some participants planned on violence and to die as martyrs for the cause…whose deaths were exploited in a vicious demonization campaign against Israel. Just as Hezbollah did in 2006 when it fired rockets from civilian homes resulting in the deaths of civilians then blamed on the Israelis, to garner sympathy for the “Lebanese” peoples…i.e. Hezbollah.

Why do people indulge False Visualizations in this particular conflict? Why do they visualize the Arabs being the innocent party and the Jews the aggressors? How can anyone distort reality in their minds to the point that they cant see that the Israelis are fighting against Islamic radicals who are dedicated to either exterminating or subjugating the Jews? How can people not see that Israel was established because their hosts wouldnt provide security for the Jewish Diaspora? Indeed, how can people expect the Jews to establish peace with people who are inspired by a religion that calls for the extermination of Jews? Its like expecting the Jews to make peace with the Nazis, or Blacks with the Klu Klux Klan…which is impossible. Its becoming more obvious that False Visualization is inspired by Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism/Judaism. Just as people from centuries before false visualized Jews as drinking Gentile blood, creating plagues, conspiring to rule the Gentiles (the latter believed by people today.) etc etc, they are doing it again today, creating for themselves (and ignorant others) a false image of Jews being the offending party, rather than the defending party…..for such is the sickness of Anti-Semitism.


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  1. katie says:

    You may find it in poor taste but there are websites with murdered israelis to contest peaceful pa image some have.

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