Millions and millions of graves of fully developed aborted babies dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. “Such a pity” Winston thought, “that all of this justified by a hypothetical argument of an unwanted pregnancy from rape. Which itself was quite rare.” He paused to light a poorly made cigarette from China, tilting it upwards so the the tobacco wouldn’t fall out, took a long drag, his eyes falling on the Islamic Temple standing over Ground Zero. The site, where 3000 innocents perished at the hands of Islamic radicals 30 years ago. Yes, much has changed since the second revolution, the first occurring in the 60s challenging Christian values, and this second one finally overthrowing them. To be fair the Conservatives are partly to be blamed for the discontentment with Christianity with their compassionless policies and unholy alliance with the greedy rich..but this? Is this the utopia the leftists had in mind?

It was growing dark, and soon bands of radical Islamic thugs will be out prowling the streets on the look out for any remnants of the few scattered Christians, who were too brave for their own good sometimes. This type of persecution was actually encouraged by the Neo-Communist government. How could they not foresee this when the government banned “religion” from public life? Winston asked himself almost out loud. Which would have been dangerous due to the many hidden mics and the patrolling radicals. Before the revolution concluded all the Jews packed up and left for Israel. Israel had become so hated by the leftists, the leftists formed an alliance with the radicals, alarming the Jews who quickly departed for Israel. Israel, currently led by Goldstein, is the only democracy remaining on the planet. At every square, and almost every location, giant tele-screens denounces Israel as an evil Zionist-Capitalist state, whose goal is world domination. “Down with Goldstein and the ZioCapitalists!!” the crowds chanted. “Push the Jews into the sea” a woman screamed out robotically.

Winston was feeling a bit hungry so he turned left to get some food. It didnt matter much which store you visited these days, none of them sold meat. The Animal Rights organizations banned the eating of meat (secretly, rumors have it, both they and the radicals are allowed meat) and all that was around to eat was this stinking cabbage-carrot soup, brown bread, and other tasteless combinations of veggie soup. He sat down and began consuming his meager diet, and noticed a story in the paper lying next to his dish.

“Man Marries Second Male Child”

The title read. A few weeks ago NAMBLA lobbied the government to legalize marriage with young boys after NAMBLA scientists announced that pedophiles were born that way. The public long ago was already conditioned to accept such moral absurdities during the earlier crusades to normalize homosexuality, it was only a matter of time. A sick feeling went through Winston’s gut as he stared at the photo of a man of about 40 years of age weighing at least 200 pounds holding his child male spouse of 8. The already unattractive veggie soup suddenly turned even more disgusting, and before he could control himself, he found himself covered in the mess.

Inside his one bedroom government issued home, Winston, seated on his lumpy couch, was watching the state-owned sole news Media channel CNN. An old Christine Amanpour, who barely contained her anti-Israel bias before the revolution, raved and raved about the Israelis stealing organs. The Israelis stealing water. The Israelis murdering children. The Israelis using Arab blood in their feast cakes. The woman looked mad, just like this new society…mad. With the psychopathic voice spewing out of the tele-screen, Winston fell asleep, escaping into a time and world when the light of Christianity held in check the forces of radical liberalism and their hellish vision of an non-Christian utopia.



About sugarhitman

Christian Zionist, dedicated to debunking lies against Israel and the Jewish people.
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