“Professor” Rashid Khalidi’s twisted anti-Israel Narrative

This explains why many University students have adopted the anti-Israeli Narrative, because of outright lies taught them by leftist academics such as Rashid Khalidi. Rashid Khalidi, “born 1948, a Palestinian-American historian of the Middle East, is the Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University,[1] and director of the Middle East Institute of Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs”, member of the prominent “Palestinian” Khalidi Clan. Khalidi recently wrote an article titled: “An invitation Rep. Jackson should have declined”, that contains so many lies, one marvels how such a propagandist received a professorship at Columbia University. This article will examine the claims of Khalidi, and expose the lies that are unfortunately, becoming ever more academically (as well as politically, culturally) acceptable.

Claim#1 “…this money [US aid to Israel] is used by Israel to subjugate, humiliate and segregate millions of Palestinians…It’s as if Jackson thinks that none of the goals and principles of the civil rights or anti-apartheid movements should apply to Israel, and instead that Israel should be allowed to lift its Jewish citizens above its Palestinian citizens — to say nothing of Palestinians in the occupied territories living under illegal occupation”

Fact: US Aid to Israel is primarily for the purpose of purchasing US manufactured arms, to enable Israeli defense against aggressive Arab enemies whose objective is to destroy the Jewish state…enemies including the “Palestinians”. Note the word enemy folks, and note how Khalidi tries to present an image of one class of civilians oppressing another class of civilians within a one state context with the use of the word “segregate”. “Palestinians” and Israelis are separate peoples, and like their Arab brothers, the Palestinians’ objective is the destruction of the Jewish state. So Khalidi, who seeks to distort the truth ignores the state of war between these two groups, implying that Israeli Check points, the Fence and other anti-terrorist methods of the Israelis are employed to “segregate, subjugate and humiliate millions of Palestinians”. This is an attempt to hide the fact of the existing state of war, and to substitute an image of Israeli oppressing minorities as occurred in South Africa under Apartheid. A most blatant distortion.

Claim# 2: “Absent in his [Rep. Jackson] statement was any demand for Israeli recognition of the rights of Palestinians in what they also regard as their homeland.”

Perhaps because such a demand wasn’t necessary as the Israelis have recognized the rights of the Palestinian Arabs to have a state inside the historic land of the Israelis. They were offered this state 3 times, twice with East Jerusalem as their capital, 95% of the West Bank, and they refused. Why did they refuse? Because then they would have had to officially recognize the Jewish state (and thus end their “resistance”) and that, they were not willing to do…and thus rejected these generous offers. The problem with today’s academics is that they ignore the aims of the Arabs to claim all of Palestine as an Islamic-Arab state free of Jews (like the WB and Gaza), and recognizing Israel conflicts with that objective. None of their maps display Israel, and PA officials and clerics continues to claim all of Palestine as their future state. Don’t expect Khalidi and those of his ilk to tell you that though.

Claim# 3: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s repeated insistence that Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish state is entirely at odds with the principles of the modern-day United States and a throwback to an era in which the U.S. was considered a white state. Recognition of Israel as the Jewish state formally reduces Israel’s 1.4 million Palestinian citizens to second-class citizenship.”

Here again, Khalidi seeks to compare Israeli demands to preserve it’s Jewish character and culture with the racist policies of an old US. The implication is that this demand is motivated by racism (because you know “Zionism is Racism“) rather than the fact that should Jews become the minority in Israel they would lose all the rights they now currently enjoy. Surely Khalidi knows that Jews do not have many rights in Arab states, as Islamic laws deny them those rights? Surely he knows democracy doesn’t exist in the Arab world nor in the West Bank or in Gaza? So why should Israelis believe that should Arabs become the majority in their state their rights and Democracy would be protected and preserved? Arab culture is not pro-democratic nor is it benevolent towards Jews, so Israeli demands in this case is entirely prudent and justifiable. Oh and Israeli Arabs are by far the most free of all Arabs in the Middle-East…this all the while Israel is a Jewish state. So Khalidi’s attack isn’t supported at all.

Claim# 4: “If the congressman had chosen to stray from the well-worn partisan path laid out by AIPAC, he certainly would have drawn different conclusions than those included in a peculiar opinion piece he wrote for the Jerusalem Post earlier this month.”

The implication? Yet another case of US political leaders doing the bidding of the all powerful Jewish lobby, AIPAC. What they refuse to accept is that AIPAC’s position reflects the will of most American voters who support Israel over the Arabs. So they substitute that support with the claim of this all powerful Jewish lobby controlling or influencing our leaders. The fact is however, is that these leaders are obeying the will of their pro-Israel constituents. It must really bemoan the pro-Palestinians that Israel enjoys a comfortable base of support among the American voting public, that they have to resort to fabricating such old tired stereotypes.

Claim #5: “Jackson explicitly lectured Palestinians for not using nonviolence, ignoring a long tradition of nonviolent resistance by occupied and disenfranchised Palestinians. In so doing he also implicitly placed blame on Palestinians for their miserable lot, apparently forgetting that it is they, not the Israelis, who are subjugated.

Inevitably, the congressman also ignored the highly coordinated Israeli campaign of targeting the leaders of the nonviolent protest movements in the West Bank.”

What is Khalidi attempting here? He is attempting to present Israel as against peace while painting the Palestinian Movement as a peaceful one. The “Palestinian” Movement has a looonnggg history of violence and terrorism, and the only non-violent group was the Nashashibi clan, who were outflanked by the British and their appointed Nazi Collaborator the late Hajj Amin Hussenni, former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. I wonder who these peaceful Palestinian leaders are that Khalidi alludes to? Possibly the PLO in which he served as a spokesman via the PA controlled Wafa media outlet. If not, then who?

Claim# 6: “These grass-roots protests have been going on for years in opposition to Israel’s massive apartheid wall, a behemoth (which is both longer and in places higher than the former Berlin Wall) that snakes through Palestinian territory, grabbing land meant for a future Palestinian state.”

Most of that “Wall” is fence, and does not “snake through Palestinian territory” but through some areas that are disputed territories. Nor is it an “Apartheid Wall” but a barrier erected to keep out Palestinian terrorists who sought to kill any Jew they could find. In other words the Fence wasn’t put up because of Jewish racism, but because of Palestinian racists who believe Jews arent deserving of life simply because their not Arabs. Of course Im sure Khalidi’s students will never learn about Arab-Islamic racism, that is responsible for the deaths of millions of non-Arabs and non-Muslims such as the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, Darfur, the killing of the Christian Kopts, Christian and black Africans and yes the current terrorism waged on the Jews.

Claim# 7: “During this time, hundreds of unarmed activists acting in the spirit of the U.S. civil rights movement, and who proudly claim to be inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi, have been arrested without charge. Hundreds more have been injured or killed by rubber bullets and high-velocity tear gas canisters.”

This made me put down my chicken wings in disgust. Did this liar just attempt to compare the Palestinian Movement with the Civil Rights Movement led by Dr. King? When did Dr. King incite violence against whites? When did King ever call for the extermination of the Jews? He never once did. Also Khalidi failed to mention that those protests against the “Wall” are never peaceful. Throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers and cutting the Fence isn’t peaceful. So a big fail in his twisted analogy. I wonder if he approved of King’s statement that “peace for Israel means security”? Probably not.

Claim# 8: “Countless other protesters, including children, are regularly targeted by this campaign of intimidation and violence carried out by an Israeli military that raids Palestinian villages at will, often in the dead of night, in behavior reminiscent of other oppressive regimes that the U.S. regularly criticizes in the region and elsewhere.”

The lies of this “Professor” rivals those told by Goebbles himself. Here he compares Israel with the brutal Arab regimes “in the region” as if Palestinian Terrorism is non-existent. Sorry Khalid, but Israel isn’t raiding villages to put down pro-democratic movements, but to stop terrorism against Israeli civilians carried out by those you seek to white-wash. These kind of lies will never be accepted by most informed Americans…maybe by Europeans and others, but certainly not Americans.

Claim# 9: “Jackson also approvingly quoted Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who has called for the forcible transfer of Israel’s Palestinian citizens and whose stances have regularly been criticized internationally for their thinly veiled bigotry. The day that a prominent African-American and the son of a civil rights icon embraces a man like Lieberman for the sole purpose of greasing wheels in Washington is a sad one for anyone who cares about equality and justice.”

Quoting Lieberman on something (whatever that is) and actually supporting forceful population transfer are two different things. Also this is rather hypocritical as Khalidi supports the dismantlement of the “settlements” which is another term for cleansing the WB of Jews.

Claim# 10: “Jackson’s submission to the lobby of a foreign state is a tragic illustration of the abdication of progressives and others in the United States over the rights of Palestinians. Such behavior is one of the reasons Israel has been able to dominate Palestinians for decades with little protest from the United States.

It is no wonder then, that peace and security for all in the region is still so elusive.”

Ahhh here we go with the old tired claim of the powerful Jewish Lobby again. No Khalid, Israel has been able to defend themselves against the malevolent plans of the Arabs, not because of AIPAC, but because most Americans are aware of those plans, and will not be fooled by theirs nor your attempt at a peaceful image or narrative for the Palestinians. And peace and security will never be achieved until Islam under goes a reformation. Until then, Israel must do what it needs to do to ensure that Jews are secured in their historic homeland surrounded by racist Arabs, who desires that Israel is totally destroyed. The American people will not be conned.



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Christian Zionist, dedicated to debunking lies against Israel and the Jewish people.
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9 Responses to “Professor” Rashid Khalidi’s twisted anti-Israel Narrative

  1. Raging Sage says:

    The extent of your ignorance is breathtaking – you truly are a complete fuckwit. How about you repost your blog and insert references to any facts and independent sources in support of all your claims and assertions? Oh that’s right, you can’t because your ridiculous opinions consist of 100% bullshit and 0% facts. Just because you can blog, doesn’t mean you should. As for your comment that the American people won’t be conned – haha, you already have, you’re just too damn stupid to realise it!

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  3. Tuj says:

    If palestinians are so violent explain why 702 Israelis died compared to the 1702 from the years 2005 and 2008? If palestinians are so violent why did the Israeli army kill 300 children in 2009? Get your facts straight before you go and post blogs. May God bless with you with knowledge so you don’t have to waste anybodys time with garbage like this again.

    • sugarhitman says:

      “If palestinians are so violent explain why 702 Israelis died compared to the 1702 from the years 2005 and 2008?”

      Because Israel doesnt use it’s civilians as human shields. Israel defends its civilians, while the Palestinian leaders do not defend theirs. And just because the death rate is higher among Palestinians, does in no way mean that they are less violent than the Israelis.

      “If palestinians are so violent why did the Israeli army kill 300 children in 2009?”

      The Israelis do not point blank target kids. But, Hamas shells Israeli civilians from playgrounds, schools, and other civilian areas purposely to get innocents killed, just to score propaganda points. And dont act like they dont have such a policy, because they proudly boast about it. Your argument is tired….try something new.

      “Get your facts straight before you go and post blogs.”

      Please, every one of you are fully aware of Hamas’ sinister Human Shield Policy. Heck, they even use their kids as “soldiers” and suicide bombers…So your questions should be directed at Palestinian leaders…not Israeli defenders. Fact is, you people dont care about innocents from either side.

      “May God bless with you with knowledge so you don’t have to waste anybodys time with garbage like this again.”

      *yawn* Not interested in your fake blessing, nor your lies.

  4. Tuj says:

    1702 Palestinians, for clarification.

  5. katie says:

    I cant recommend making.jews your enemies…maybe they will be your friend ? 🙂

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