The Jewish Invader Myth

One of the most frequent lies told about modern Israel is the lie that Jews stole the land from the Palestinians, who are often touted as being the true natives of Palestine. This lie can easily be disproved by going back and examine documents and books before the restoration of the Israeli state. So lets begin shall we?

The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica gives a vivid description of the population of Palestine:

“The inhabitants of Palestine are composed of a large number of elements, differing widely in ethnological affinities, language and religion. It may be interesting to mention, as an illustration of their heterogeneousness, that early in the 20th century a list of no less than fifty languages, spoken in Jerusalem as vernaculars, was there drawn up by a party of men whose various official positions enabled them to possess accurate information on the subject.1 It is therefore no easy task to write concisely and at the same time with sufficient fullness on the ethnology of Palestine.

There are two classes into which the population of Palestine can be divided – the nomadic and the sedentary. The former is especially characteristic of Eastern Palestine, though Western Palestine [modern Israel*]also contains its full share. The pure Arab origin of the Bedouins is recognized in common conversation in the country, the word ” Arab ” being almost restricted to denote these wanderers, and seldom applied to the dwellers in towns and villages. It should be mentioned that there is another, entirely independent, nomad race, .the despised Nowar, who correspond to the gipsies or tinkers of European countries. These people live under the poorest conditions, by doing smith’s work; they speak among themselves a Romani dialect, much contaminated with Arabic in its vocabulary….

New elements no doubt came in under the Assyrian, Persian and Roman dominations, and in more recent times there has been much contamination…. There are very large contingents from the Mediterranean countries, especially Armenia, Greece and Italy, principally engaged in trade. The extraordinary development of Jewish colonization has since 1870 effected a revolution in the balance of population in some parts of the country, notably in Jerusalem… Turkoman settlements in the Jaulan, a number of Persians, and a fairly large Afghan colony that since 1905 has established itself in Jaffa. The Mutawileh (Motawila), who form the majority of the inhabitants of the villages north-west of Galilee…Some tribes of Kurds live in tents and huts near Lake Huleh…[a] Bosnian colony established at Caesarea Palestina…Circassian settlements…There was formerly a large Sudanese and Algerian element in the population…Algerians however still maintain themselves in parts of Galilee…the Samaritan sect in Nablus (Shechem); a gradually disappearing body…”

So we see that Palestine was settled by many groups from around the world who established their own villages and quarters. Now lets examine land purchases by the Jews by examining statements made to the Royal Peel Commission by the Mufti Hajj Amin, who later became a top Arab Nazi:

MUFTI: First of all I would like to say that one of the members of our Committee will deal later with the land question, but nevertheless I will give you the figures. At the time of the Occupation the Jews held about 100,000 dunams.

SIR L. HAMMOND: What year?

MUFTI: At the date of the British Occupation.

SIR L. HAMMOND: And now they hold how much?

MUFTI: About 1,500,000 dunams: 1,200,000 dunams already registered in the name of the Jewish holders, but there are 300,000 dunams which are the subject of written agreements, and which have not yet been registered in the Land Registry. That does not, of course, include the land which was assigned, about 100,000 dunams….

MUFTI: They were not prevented from selling the land, and mostly the country was in such economic condition as facilitated the sale. If the Government had the interest of these poor people at heart they should have prevented sales and these people would not have been evicted from their land. A large part of these lands belong to absentee landlords who sold the land over the heads of their tenants, who were forcibly evicted. The majority of these landlords were absentees who sold their land over the heads of their tenants. Not Palestinians but Lebanese.

By 1937, the Jews had legally purchased almost 350,000 acres of land, and by the 40s they owned about 500,000 acres….in a country populated mostly by foreign immigrant ethnics groups, which was not owned by any one ethnic group. So, if Armenians, Germans, Italians and others were allowed to purchase land to build their villages and colonies, why not the true natives, the Jews? And as for the mass eviction charge, it was determined by the Royal Peel Commission to be false, as Jews purchased most of their land in areas uninhabited. Next we examine Arab immigration into West Palestine, and I will be quoting sources who are critical of Joan Peter’s book “From Time Immemorial”.

Now it is widely accepted that all of Palestine (that includes modern Jordan), had a population of no more than 600,000…we are only interested in the numbers in West Palestine that became modern Israel. Here are the numbers from Peter’s critics:

“Now we must consider the number of non-Jews living in those areas. According to Mrs. Peters (again on page 251), and apparently Mr. Sanders accepts her view, they numbered about 92,300, of which nearly 38,000 were Christians (making the number of Muslims about 54,300). But the Ottoman census figures in Karpat’s table (pages 262 and 271 of his article) give the number of Muslims as 158,379 and of the Christians as 39,884, making a total number of 198,263 non-Jews in “the Jewish settled areas.” If we use Cuinet’s own figures we still do not get an estimate of the non-Jewish population that brings us much closer to the number of non-Jews claimed by Mrs. Peters. According to Cuinet’s data on the seven Ottoman subdistricts comprising “the Jewish-settled areas” we have 124,686 Muslims and 61,964 Christians, a total of 186,263 non-Jews.”

So according to the 1893 Ottoman Census we have 186,263-198,263 non-Jews living in West Palestine. According to the British Census taken in 1922:

“The 1922 census of Palestine was the first census carried out by the authorities of the British Mandate of Palestine, on 23 October 1922.[1]
The reported population was 757,182, including the military and persons of foreign nationality. The division into religious groups was 590,390 Muslims, 83,694 Jews, 73,024 Christians, 7,028 Druze, 1,454 Hindus, 808 Sikhs, 265 Bahais, 156 Metawalis, and 163 Samaritans.[2]”

Subtract the 83,694 Jews, the non-Jewish population in West Palestine increased from 200,000 to about 670,000 in less then 30 years. Pro-Palestinian narrators tell us this was by natural increase, which is ridiculous…that’s a 470,000 increase in the non-Jewish population in less then 30 years. Obviously, there was significant Arab immigration occurring, which was allowed by the British…for example:

“In 1920 the British set Jewish Immigration quotas, restricting Jewish immigration.  The British requested the French to STOP monitoring illegal Arab immigration along the border of Lebanon and Syria with West Palestine (Israel) allowing free immigration of Arabs into Western Palestine [Israel].10 [10] Public Record Office, Kew Gardens, Foreign Office, Great Britain  371/20819; see also interview between the officer administering the Government (OAG) and Shertok, October 16, 1937.


“”So far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied till their population has increased more than even all world Jewry could lift up the Jewish population.” Martin Gilbert, Churchill, vol. 5, p. 1072.

Even Peter’s critics were forced to admit: “As with all successful disinformation, the distortions are placed within a wider context of truth; not everything Peters says is a lie. Palestine was in fact sparsely populated when Jewish colonization began. Arab nationalism did not yet exist, let alone Palestinian nationalism. When the British took over they unjustly restricted Jewish immigration into Palestine while Arabs immigrated into the territory. After the Arab violence of the late 1930s, British appeasement slowed Jewish immigration to a trickle. Ultimately, Jews who sought to escape the Holocaust were turned away from the Jewish National Home, even while “emergency arrangements” were taken to bring in Arab immigrant laborers.”

Indeed the British allowed illegal Arab immigration, to derail the Zionist Project…but not only that, the British encouraged the Arabs to war against the Zionists. In 2010 the US Army/CIA released more de-classifies documents shedding more light about the Nazis and the Palestinian alliance. But what got my attention were these cabled statements:

“In October 1945, the report says, the British head of Palestine’s Criminal Investigation Division told the assistant American military attaché in Cairo that the mufti might be the only force able to unite the Palestine Arabs and “cool off the Zionists. Of course, we can’t do it, but it might not be such a damn bad idea at that.”

Then we have the British leading the Arab army against the IDF in the 48 War:

“[sir General John Bagot Glubb] was a British soldier, scholar and author, best known for leading and training Transjordan’s Arab Legion 1939-1956 as its commanding general…During the 1948 Arab–Israeli War the Arab legion was considered the strongest Arab army involved in the war. Glubb led the Arab Legion across Jordan to occupy the West Bank.”

Under Glubb’s command, the Jews of East Jerusalem and the “West Bank” were massacred and cleansed from their homes and lands, and were barred for almost 20 years from worshiping at the Temple Mount. While the Brits supplied and led the Arab armies during their genocidal Jihad against Israel, the US State Dept. slapped an arms embargo on “Palestine” forcing the Israelis to smuggle weapons from the Czechs.

“September 22, 1947: Loy Henderson, director the State Department’s Near East Agency, addresses a memorandum to Secretary of State George Marshall in which he argues against United States’ advocacy of the United Nations proposal to partition Palestine.

October 10, 1947: The Joint Chiefs of Staff argue in a memorandum entitled “The Problem of Palestine” that the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states would enable the Soviet Union to replace the United States and Great Britain in the region and would endanger United States access to Middle East oil.

November 24, 1947: Secretary of State George Marshall writes to Under Secretary of State Robert Lovett to inform him that British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin had told him that British intelligence indicated that Jewish groups moving illegally from the Balkan states to Palestine included many Communists.

December 5, 1947: Secretary of State George Marshall announces that the State Department is imposing an embargo on all shipments of arms to the Middle East.

After the 67 War, after Israel captured the “West Bank” and East Jerusalem, Britain authored Resolution 242 which called for the return of Gaza and the West Bank back to Egypt and Jordan, client states of the British, and not to a “Palestinian” people because there were none. Why did the Brits and the US elite go along with this dreadful plot? OIL, and money. In 1933, Rockefeller’s Standard Oil of California acquired oil drilling contracts in Saudi Arabia, a then client state of the British which today “[t]here are more than 150 joint ventures between British and Saudi Companies and some 30,000 British nationals are living and working in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the United Kingdom’s primary trading partner in the Middle East.”,

The Saudis have the oil, and plenty of it, and the greedy were willing to sacrifice the lives of the Holocaust survivors of Israel, to get it. Even during the 73 War, when the Israelis were on the verge of losing, the US State and Defense departments:

“opposed [sending arms to Israel]. Kissinger was the sole dissenter; he said that if the US refused aid, Israel would have little incentive to conform to American views in postwar diplomacy. Kissinger argued the sending of U.S. aid might cause Israel to moderate its territorial claims, but this thesis raised a protracted debate whether U.S. aid was likely to make it more accommodating or more intransigent toward the Arab world.[210]” Wiki George Lenczowski, American Presidents and the Middle East (1990), p.129

“Anecdotal evidence suggests that Kissinger told Sadat that the reason for the U.S. airlift was that the Israelis were close to “going nuclear.” Wiki Yom Kippur War, Farr, Warner D. “The Third Temple’s Holy of Holies: Israel’s Nuclear Weapons.” Counterproliferation Paper No. 2, USAF Counterproliferation Center, Air War College, September 1999.

The Israelis had to use the nuclear threat, to force a change in US policy regarding US arms to Israel…and thus the annual aid package to Israel that anti-Zionists love to whine about…aid not really meant to protect Israel, but to ensure Israel doesn’t threaten the Arabs with the use of nukes. Oh and apparently to influence Israel’s behavior regarding “territorial claims”.

Before I end this part, a word about the “Palestinian” refugees:

“Since 1948 we have been demanding the return of the refugees to their homes. But we ourselves are the ones who encouraged them to leave. Only a few months separated our call to them to leave and our appeal to the United Nations to resolve on their return.” ~ Haled al Azm, the Syrian Prime Minister in 1948­49 in his Memoirs.

Next part, I will expose the myth of the “Innocent Palestinians” by exposing their alliance with the Nazis to exterminate the Jews, the roots of their Terrorist organizations, and their starting and continuing the current conflict.


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