Michael Omer’s “Israel doesn’t thank the US enough”

Recently, an article was written in the Jerusalem Post by a Michael Omer, criticizing what he believes to be Israeli ungratefulness of US loyalty to Israel. He writes that:

“All healthy relationships require affirmation. When only one party [The US] expresses affection, praise and love, the other feels resentful and taken for granted. In the case of the “unshakeable” relationship between Israel and the United States, that affirmation is a one-way street… When American leaders and opinion-makers highlight the military, financial, diplomatic and moral support they give Israel, Israelis insist it’s not enough…Israeli leaders only harm themselves by projecting the perception that their national interests supersede those of their lone patron state. The United States has interests of its own, and while Israel may very well be one of them, it would serve the American and Israeli publics to be reminded why exactly that is.”

The support for Israel, from the US government isn’t because of love for Israel, but because most American voters support Israel, possessing the power to punish politicians who make their anti-Israel sentiments public, at the ballot box, as Paul Findley discovered after his failed campaign to become a two-time congressman. The pro-Israel voting constituency must be appeased if politicians are to be elected for public office, and politicians are well aware of this…and hence the “love and praise“ for Israel (especially from Republicans) during campaigning. After obtaining office however, American leaders pursue policies which are dangerous to Israel’s security, to appease the Gulf Oil states, whom the US relies on for a significant portion of their oil imports. Omer perpetuates the often repeated line:

“Meanwhile, the main area that the US views as a strategic interest vis-à-vis Israel is the very issue the current government in Jerusalem appears furthest from advancing – making peace with the Palestinians. As countless American leaders have argued, achieving Middle East peace is a fundamental strategic, financial and military interest of Washington.”

And this is where Israel finds public statements about “love and praise” for Israel a bit suspect. Because for one, while Palestinian leaders informs their own people about their ultimate plans to destroy Israel and thus the Israeli Jews, via PA TV, schools and mosques, US leaders pretends the Palestinians are true peace partners. The Palestinians have adopted their own planned Final Solution (as well as the Nazi Salute), and to suggest the Jews make peace with modern Nazis, is tantamount to a demand that the Jews of Europe make peace with the German Nazis. When the US says “Peace” it means the creation of a modern Islamo-Nazi state set up inside Israel, and you can be sure the US, in order to avoid offending the Gulf Oil states, will not send a single soldier to aid the Israelis should they find themselves on the losing side of an inevitable war. Examining US attitude towards the Israelis during the War of 1948, 67 and 73, shows just how much love and praise US elites have for the Israelis.

During the 1948 War, the US slaps an arms embargo on the Israelis knowing full well that the Arabs were being trained, supplied and in case of the Jordanians, led by the British, in addition to knowing the Israelis had little to no weapons to defend themselves (thank God they managed to smuggle weapons from the Czechs, or they would surely have been slaughtered, while the US stood by and watched). That annual aid package to Israel? As Kissinger proposed, after the State and Defense departments initially rejected it, as a means to influence the Israelis to “moderate their territorial claims” and to ensure the Israelis never have a need to use their nukes. Love, would have assisted the Israelis without demanding they make harmful compromises for the sake of appeasing the Gulf Oil states, particularly the Saudis. The US government has shown itself to willingly sacrifice the Israelis to maintain access to Arab oil and so Omer‘s ridicule of the line “throwing Israel under the bus” is unwarranted…That’s what Omer, and others like him, really means when they say “American interests”. Omer than further attacks Israel by stating:

“While Israel is busy touting its self-declared status of “the only democracy in the Middle East,” the United States has spent the past decade, upwards of $1 trillion and sacrificed thousands of lives to create others.”

Really? Are those democracies the US is helping set up in the Middle-East? Like in Libya, whose new leaders informs us that Sharia Law shall be state law? Or how about in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood, falsely dubbed by US elites as a moderate organization, and the Sulafists, have established themselves as the future ruling elites? Never mind the brutal dictatorships the US help established in Latin America, so that they could assist US and other foreign corporations in exploiting poor Latin Americans. If there is a true democracy in any part of the globe, it would be the state of Israel. Not only does Israel protect the rights of minorities in it’s state (including those sworn to it’s destruction), it also doesn’t indulge nation building missions to set up oppressive regimes, to protect commercial interests of rapacious corporations. So, until the US government becomes serious about Israel’s security needs, I see no reason why Israel should praise and thank the US government for rhetorical public statements about love and praise for Israel, because, if the existence of a pro-Israel voting public was absent, the US government wouldn’t even give Israel token support.

To learn about the ongoing campaign to break US support for Israel, read Mitchell Bard’s book “The Arab Lobby”, which documents the Oil Industry, the Arabs‘, and their allies’ goal to break support for Israel.


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