The Irrational Stance on Iran

Iran is racing ahead and is on the verge of producing nuclear bombs. The window of opportunity to halt their program is closing fast. And yet, much of the media continues to parrot the Obama administration’s line that attacking Iran is a “bad idea“. Sanctions are not working, and Obama persists in negotiating with Iran, thus intentionally making an Israeli strike difficult. Joel Brinkley’s Kansas City Star’s article, “An Israeli attack on Iran would be a disastrous idea” highlights the indifferent attitude of those opposed to halting Iran’s nuke program militarily.

“President Obama stood up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week and refused to be dragged into still another war — this one against Iran.”

Joel, leads readers to believe that Netanyahu is demanding that the US help fight a war with Iran on Israel’s behalf. But in fact the Israelis are asking for a green light for they themselves to carry out a military mission, to halt Iran’s diabolical Nuclear program. The US has so far, not provided the OK, citing many excuses such as destabilization of the Mid-East, higher energy prices, and of course “not wanting to be dragged into another war”. Concerns not cited during the 1991 Gulf War, when we invaded Iraq to protect Kuwait and the Saudis, and the wars after 911. Notice the words “…Obama stood up to…Netanyahu”, as if the Israelis controls US presidents, a common canard. Interestingly, one of my staunchest anti-Israel opponents made a similar claim about two weeks ago at “Talk Rational”.

Of course, Joel was aware of what Bibi actually was asking for because a few lines later he quotes Bibi who told Obama, that, “Israel must have the ability to defend itself, by itself, against any threat.” “By itself”, which is what Israel has been doing since 1948. The US has never sent it’s soldiers to assist Israel in any of it’s wars with her enemies….not once. Why? To avoid the alienation of it’s so-called Arab allies.

After admitting that Iran is most likely pursuing nukes, Joel writes that “Nonetheless, an Israeli attack would be a great mistake” because ‘Hezbollah…has tens of thousands of rockets and missiles, more than most governments in the world’ and that “All that firepower would decimate the [Israeli] state.”

So, a terrorist organization armed with conventional weapons is a lesser threat then a nuclear armed Islamist Iranian state? Doesn’t make sense does it? But our friend, quoting Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, agrees that “Iran [is] a ‘rational actor,’” Really? Are the Ayatollahs really “rational”? Was it rational of them sending all those kids to run through Iraqi mine-fields, blowing themselves up to pave a mine-free path into Iraq for their tanks and soldiers? Is it rational to deny the Holocaust while simultaneously threatening to wipe Israel off the map, and the Israeli Jews? Is it rational to arm Hamas and Hezbollah, Islamist terrorist organizations dedicated to a Final Solution? Because it doesn’t sound rational to me, nor is it rational to allow Islamists to acquire nukes…..Martyrdom and nukes, makes for a bad combination.

“At the same time, for years Iran has been developing intercontinental ballistic missiles that obviously would have no trouble reaching Tel Aviv.
Nothing would make both Iran and Hezbollah happier than to be handed the excuse to fire everything they have at Israel. For Iran, particularly, destroying the “Zionist entity” has long been its goal.”

Has long been it’s goal? I don’t know if Joel knows it or not, but the Islamists already have their excuse….the existence of a Jewish state is their excuse! And has it ever occurred to these shallow thinkers, that should the Islamists acquire nukes, Israel’s defense against Hamas and Hezbollah will be much harder? It will force Israel to show much more restraint, just to avoid a nuclear shoot out between it and Iran, thus endangering the lives of Israeli civilians, and strengthening the terrorist proxies of Iran and the Islamic world. Iran must not be allowed to obtain nukes, period! And not only for Israel’s sakes, but for all those dissenters and minorities being persecuted by Islamists in Africa and the Middle-East. If they get nukes, there will be no military interventions on their behalf, simply to avoid nuclear war…and thus condemning them to suffer modern day Dhimmitude, and for us? More terrorism.

“And that would almost certainly force the U.S., Israel’s only true ally, to come to its aid, drawing the U.S. into war.”

Judging by America’s attitude during the Holocaust and Israel’s wars with the genocidal Arab states, it’s highly likely that the US will take a “neutral” position, leaving Israel to fight alone. Even now, it appears the US gov. has already made that decision.


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Christian Zionist, dedicated to debunking lies against Israel and the Jewish people.
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