Zionist Control the Banks Myth

Do Zionists control the Banks and the International Financial System? Well lets find out shall we?

We will be focusing on the Top 10 Banks and Investment banks, to see if they are indeed controlled by the Zionists i.e. Jews. The first bank is “BNP Paribas (BNP) – This French bank comes in at No. 1 with $3.21 trillion in assets.  BNP is one of the largest global banking networks in the world with operations in 84 countries.” Baudouin Prot (CEO), Michel Pébereau (Chairman) are responsible for running this bank. Baudouin “Sebastian Alexander Winckelmann van Persie (born 9 October 1968 in Paris, France) is a French-German Billionaires Businessman.” And Michel Pébereau is a Frenchmen…non-Jews in charge of the world’s biggest bank. (Zionist control?)

The next Bank is “Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group – RBS Group ranks as the number two bank in terms of assets held. Currently, the British government is the largest owner of the bank.” So the British Government is the largest shareholder in the Bank of Scotland. Stephen Hester is the CEO of this bank. Is he Jewish? Not with a surname like Hester, as it is an English surname. http://www.houseofnames.com/hester-family-crest.

Third, is the bank not under Zionist control is “Barclays PLC (Barclay’s) – Barclays, with $2.54 trillion in assets, is a British financial services firm operating worldwide” Marcus Agius is Group CEO, who is perhaps Jewish as he is “married to Katherine (born 1949), daughter of Edmund de Rothschild of the Rothschild banking family of England, with two children, and has a close involvement with the Rothschild family estate, Exbury Gardens in Hampshire. But apparently his surname isnt Jewish “The name [Agius] was popular throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, and was probably introduced by Crusaders returning from the Holy Land.”

Read more: http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Agius#ixzz13J6WdSRR

John S. Varley (Group Chief Executive of Barclays)  “was educated at the Catholic Downside School at Stratton-on-the-Fosse south of Bath” who “married Carolyn Thorn Pease, daughter of Sir Richard Thorn Pease, and in so doing married into the Quaker Pease family, whose bank became part of Barclays in 1902.” Varley of course is a European surname: “The ultimate origin of this interesting name is believed to be Verli, a place in Aisne, Picardy (Northern France), so called from the Gallo-Roman personal name “Virilius”, a derivative of “Virilis”, male, from “vir”, a man, plus the locational suffix “-acum”, a settlement.

Read more: http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Varley#ixzz13J94WNAj

And the third man in charge is “Robert Edward “Bob” Diamond, Jr. (born Concord, Massachusetts, July 27, 1951) is an American banker who is currently President of Barclays PLC and Chief Executive of Corporate & Investment Banking and Wealth Management, comprising Barclays Capital, Barclays Corporate and Barclays Wealth.” The Diamond surname is “(Anglo-French-Latin-Greek) a nickname or trade-name from the Diamond [Anglo-French diamant, Old French adamant, Latin adamas, adamantis]. (English) an imitation form of the common Anglo-Saxon personal name Daegmund = Day-Protection [Old English daeg, day, brightness + mund, protection].

So the three largest banks are controlled by Europeans from a Christian background none of them under Zionist control, although one Agius is married to a Rothchild. I will be expecting the charge that since Agius married a Rothchild, this means Jews controll all banks…for such is the irrationality of our antisemitic opponents.

OKKKK, lets view the next three top banks not under Zionist control.

“Deutsche Bank – Deutsche Bank, the largest German bank with $2.43 trillion in assets, has a strong presence throughout Germany and Europe and continues to grow in North America and Asia. As of March 31, 2010, Deutsche Bank had approximately 2,000 branches in 72 countries.” LOL! I wonder when I shall come upon a Top Ten Bank in Israel..a state charged by the Nazis as being the headquarters of “World Jewry International Bankers”. Josef Ackermann  is the man in charge whose surname is “(Origin Saxon) From Acker, oaken, made of oak, and man. The brave, firm, unyielding man. (Origin German) Farmer in service to the lord of the manor.”

Are you beginning to see what I see? I see the same people who have been dominating the world since the fall of Rome, dominating today, which is reflected in the domination of the world banks, and World Political forums like the UN. Sure there were some Jews who fought there way onto the top, like the Rothschilds, and a few other Jewish families, but the Gentiles will never lose their place as the dominant ones.

“HSBC Bank – HSBC Bank has more than 460 bank branches throughout the United States, with the majority (380) in New York State. Coming in at number 5 on our list of the biggest banks with $2.42 trillion in assets…” This is The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. Stephen Green is the CEO. Well, if anyone knows names, they would know that Green is not a Jewish surname “Green is one of the most common names in England, the English rendering of several Gaelic family names, due to similarity in sound and literal translation of the Gaelic word into its English equivalent. Greene is the anglicization of an ancient Irish family name O’Huaithnin, who were a Dalcassian family of Thoromond.” http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~greenefamily/genealogy/greenfamily/origin.html

Michael Geoghegan next  man in charge of HSBC is also not Jewish as “Geoghegan (Irish: Mac Eochagáin) is a surname of Irish origin.

Usually spelt nowadays without the prefix Mac, the name has many variants, including Gehegan, Geoghan, Geohegan, and Gagan, which approximate the most common pronunciations of the name.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoghegan

“Credit Agricole – The second and final French bank on the top 10 list with $2.3 trillion in assets, Credit Agricole is a retail banking leader in France and throughout Europe.”

Rene Carron, the CEO is of French heritage. Where are all those Jews I’m always bombarded with supposedly owning all the banks? How can the Zionists control the world Financial System, when they dont even operate the dominant banks?

“Bank of America (BAC) – BAC is the largest bank holding company in the United States, by assets, with $2.25 trillion. The company serves clients all over the world and has a relationship with 99% of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies.”

The largest US bank holding company…is it controled by Jews? “Bank of America’s history dates to 1904, when Amadeo Giannini founded the Bank of Italy in San Francisco to cater to immigrants who were denied service from other banks.” So this Bank was founded by an Itallian and today is headed by Charles Holliday whose surname “is a variant spelling of the word Holy Day. This was the war cry of the Annandale Warriors of Scotland in the Strathclyde Briton area. The name means Holy Day or Festival.” http://www.surnameweb.org/Holliday/surname-origin.htm

So the largest Bank in the US was founded by those from a Christian heritage, and headed by a Christian…no Zionists yet.

“Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (Mitsubishi) – With $2.07 trillion in assets, Mitsubishi is Japan’s largest bank holding/financial services group.”

Well we dont need to elaborate further about who owns this bank. I suspect that if not for the obvious facial differences between Jews and Japs…all the Japenes bankers would be charged with being “Jewish Zionist Gangster Bankers”.

“J.P. Morgan Chase – One of the two so-called “too big to fail” banks, along with Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase is the 10th largest bank in the world with $2.02 trillion in assets.”

The headman in charge of JP Chase is Jamie Dimon…a Greek American. JP Morgan and Chase was never Jewish owned at anytime in its history, and has been one of the top banks for a long time. Next up is # 10:

“UBS AG – Rounding out the top ten banks in the world by asset type is UBS AG with $1.8 trillion in assets. Headquartered in Zurich and Basel, UBS provides financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients. UBS has a foothold in major financial centers all over the world and has offices in more than 50 countries.”

So where are the Zionist Banks? How can Jews control the World Financial System when they dont run the biggest banks? Simple, Jews nor Zionists controls the world banks…these banks are dominated by the people who have been dominant for almost 2000 years…the Europeans. So the next time the Nazis, or an other Jew hater wants to level this charge at Jews….they might want to check the facts first. And no Johnny, the FED is not a Jewish owned bank….its many member banks are its stock-holders, and out of the 14 FED chairmen, only 4 have been Jews. So if you want to indulge a fantasy of some shady “Zionist Gangster Bankster” controlling all the banks from a bunker in Israel, well, be my guess..After all,.what fun would life be without the world of imagination?

Source: http://www.doughroller.net/banking/largest-banks-in-the-world/


About sugarhitman

Christian Zionist, dedicated to debunking lies against Israel and the Jewish people.
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59 Responses to Zionist Control the Banks Myth

  1. What is captcha code?, pls provide me captcha code codes or plugin, Thanks in advance.

  2. Sugarhitman is my bitch says:

    Nice to see you got yourself kicked off the FRDB. Not surprising. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa you ignorant, Palestinian hating self deluded fuck nut. I guess being a bigot will get you kicked off a free thought forum. HAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAH!

    • sugarhitman says:

      FRDB just couldnt handle the truth…and neither could you Winca, or is this Laughing Dog. I, unlike you, will not justify or ignore Palestinian Terror, or their false Nationality. *smile*

  3. Sugarhitman is my bitch says:

    No you were kicked off because you refused to follow the rules. You even made up another avatar and would agree with yourself. Pitiful and pathetic. Way to represent Israel with lies. Jesus would be so proud. Not!

    • sugarhitman says:

      I was kicked off because you guys couldnt handle the truth….to hot for you. FRDB is a forum crowded with God/Israel/Christian haters…who can’t stand to have a strong challenge to their lies…they are rude, provocative and bias.

    • sugarhitman says:

      For example look at your own attitude “Sugarhitman is my Bitch” typical atheist behavior. These are the types of people at FRDB…grown up adolescents. And BTW smart guy, I created another avater so I could back into the Political forum…It seems that forum didnt like the truth about those terrorists you all support.

      • Tarhealjay says:

        So you admit you broke the rules of service on FRDB. Otherwise you would still be able to post there. So Your removal had nothing to do with your “truth” that people could not handle it had everything to do with you creating a false identity and posting as if you were two people, otherwise you would still be on there providing people their daily dose of amusement. While I do agree with you about the poster using such childish behavior as calling you a bitch it is not indicative of Atheist and I see it as a parody of you and how you acted on FRDB. In that spirit :handwave:

  4. sugarhitman says:

    Sorry pal….but Sabine Grant (Moderator) PMed me stating that sock accounts were not against the rules of FRDB…only what purpose they were being use for. I was banned because of “preaching”..and was getting points for things such as implying that someone was trolling or lying…while those who called me a nazi “fascist” “bigot” and many other things received no infraction…they were clearly looking for a way to get rid of me..Loren Pechtel warned me about that bias…he was right. Also yes the childish comment “Sugarhitman is my bitch” is typical Atheist behavior. Atheists, when faced with a strong challenge often resorts to such adolescent antics. I am now writing at another “Freethought” forum, where there are no rules..and there you will find the true face of Atheists.

    • Sabine Grant says:

      You were never called a Nazi, fascist, or Bigot. Your views were shown to be similar to such you were just not adult enough to recognize the difference. You were not treated any different than anyone else and other people did receive infractions when they did not respect you. The major reason you were kicked off FRDB was because of your constant plagiarizing of other peoples blogs and trying to pass it off as your own original thoughts. The major reason is you did not follow the rules. Even though creating separate names on FRDB is not against the rules creating a separate identity for the sole purpose to agree with yourself shows a serious messed up mental condition. For others who may read this blog understand everything on it is plagiarized from somewhere else.

      • sugarhitman says:

        Mrs. Grant! How are you dear? Nice of you to come on over and read my stuff. But I must say I’m pretty disappointed that you are telling “untruths” about why I was banned from your “Freethought” site. Those pro-Israel/God threads of mine were simply unbearable for a group who hates both.

        BTW, I would love for you to prove that this plagiarizes “from other people’s blogs”..by all means post the links to those blogs…or you will prove yourself to be quite dishonest to my readers.

      • Sabine Grant says:

        You copy and pasted from http://philologos.org/__eb-trs/naE.htm
        the Rainbow Swastika
        Name says it all.

      • sugarhitman says:

        LOL! Yeah, never mind the fact that that article cites Rainbow Swastika as a source..you would have a point if I didnt. So what about my other articles? You did say that “every thing here is plagiarized from other sites”…I would love for you to prove it…or it will just make you look like a liar Mrs. Grant. Please, dont mar that beautiful image I have of you. *smile*

  5. Hebrew soldier says:

    We do not need your kind of “defense”. How about instead of posting silly made up things on a never read blog you actaully come over to Israel and join צה”ל, and put your life on the line for what you hold dear. You are nothing but a coward and shall be judged so before G_d. Please in the name of the most holy we are not fodder for your desire for apocalypse.

    • sugarhitman says:

      Reader please note that this “Hebrew Soldier” guy is non other than a troll by the name of “Laughing Dog” from TalkRational Forum. He is an Israel hater of the first degree, who apologizes for Islamic Terrorism. Oh and he is certainly not Jewish or an Israeli soldier.

      • Micheal says:

        sugarhitman, I am shocked by the abuse to which you are subjected. But I suppose sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you. Nevertheless as the Jesus Christ, whose birth mother and step-father were Jewish, would say, ” The truth shall make you free “.

      • sugarhitman says:

        Nahh, their attacks have no effect on me whatsoever. If you spend as much time in the trenches at anti-Jew Tube (Youtube), you develop a pretty thick skin. *smile*

  6. Micheal says:

    sugarhitman, I wasn’t implying you are telling lies as I see the way my last comment might suggest. Quite the contrary. The quote from Jesus Christ was not directed at you at all. I especially enjoyed reading you article disproving the myth about Zionists controlling the banking system. Sorry for any misunderstanding!

  7. Shrimpboy says:

    Thanks for the article. So happy the banks I’m doing business with are not run by jews.

  8. Bernanke says:

    You “forgot” to mention that many of the shareholders of these banks are Jews because 40% of US Billionaires are Jews. You also “forgot” to mention that Jews control the White House, Senate, and Congress through their lobby group AIPAC. This is indeed true. James Traficant former congressman said Jews have a “stranglehold” on the US government. So did Billy Graham and Richard Nixon. So have others. You left out Jewish control of the news media, Hollywood, and government. You left out Jewish influence in the IMF and World bank and downplayed their role in the Fed. Sorry, but trying to ridicule those who expose the Jewish grab for world domination is a grave disservice to the public.

    • sugarhitman says:

      40% of US Billionaires are not Jews…and the richest of US billionaires are Buffet, Rockefellers and Bill Gates…and AIPAC is only influential because of the support for Israel from among the majority of American voters..AIPAC is a grass-roots organization. Also Jews do not control the Media, if true the Media wouldnt be so bias against Israel…Jews also do not control the World Bank nor the FED nor the IMF. None of what you said can be backed by facts. So yes, your types are very deserving of ridicule, and it is you who are fooling tons of ignorant people.

      • Hey, Jackass

        One big point you fail to address is that the whole system of usary is a Jewish creation. When you say that the Fed is not controlled by the Jews…that’s an absoulte fucking lie. It is 67% controlled by Jews and is headed up by Ben Shalom Bernanke. Look down the list of past Fed chairmen…Alan Greenspan, anyone?

        If you look at the list of people in key positions of government controlling the regulation of the banking industry and economy…you’ll find a predominance of Jewish names as well as an overwhelming number of Goldman Sachs alumni.

        And if you want to calculate how Jews–who only account for about 2% of the population–are overrepresented in American finance, you’ll find the percentage points in the thousands.

        Perhaps you should also look up Henry Morgenthau, the Jew who was behind the creation of the IMF and World Bank at Bretton Woods.

        Enough facts for you, shithead???

        Let me know if you need more.

      • sugarhitman says:

        “Perhaps you should also look up Henry Morgenthau, the Jew who was behind the creation of the IMF and World Bank at Bretton Woods.”

        Henry Morgenthou was one of 730 delegates from 44 allied nations who participated at the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference that led to the creation of the IMF and the World Bank…he was in fact representing the US, and not himself..nor were these institutions his creation you bigoted fraud (*sorry*).

        “When you say that the Fed is not controlled by the Jews…that’s an absoulte fucking lie. It is 67% controlled by Jews and is headed up by Ben Shalom Bernanke. ”

        Um, no it isnt. It is owned by its member banks…and out of the 14 FED Chairpersons only 4 have been Jews. Are you ignoring all those Gentile FED Chairmen from over the years my little bigot? What you have is a case where some Jews worked as employees for Gentiles…in the Gentile dominated banking system.

        “you’ll find a predominance of Jewish names as well as an overwhelming number of Goldman Sachs alumni.”

        Im only interested in the names of the majority stockholders…and Goldman Sachs hasnt been Jewish owned for years now..Where have you been my little anti-Semite? Looks like you need to get your head out of Mulling’s books…and update your knowledge.

        “Enough facts for you, shithead???

        Let me know if you need more.”

        Oh, is that what you guys call your stuff nowadays? LOL!

    • Dacul says:

      Exactly !!!

  9. Lisa says:

    First of all people should just fact check his list. For example the CEO of BAC is not Charles Holliday.

  10. Lisa says:

    The CEO and CFO of BAC are both Jews. Moynihan and Thompson. Holliday is the chairman.

  11. Terry says:

    This article is riddled with errors. Josef Ackermann is, by his own admission, Jewish. There are many Jewish people in the UK with the surname Green, some of them were originally Gren, Peter Green, guitarist is Jewish, Philip Green of Marks and Spencer fame is Jewish. In the US 2% of the population are Jewish, the board of directors of the Fed is 67% Jewish. The disgraced sex offender Dominique Strauss-Kahn IMF Chief was Jewish, his successor Christine Lagarde is Jewish.

    And finally, the name “Diamond” is most definitely not “Irish” where Bob Diamond’s ancestors came from, they were Ashkenazi Jews, he is not “irish-American” he is Jewish.

    Also, as the jews had “no homeland” many changed their names to suit the country they were living in.

    Your “facts” are wrong, Jews represent a totally disproportionate (to their percentage of the population) position in banking.

    Do what you do best, go and murder some more Palestinian children and then starting bleeting about the holocaust when anyone dares to criticise.

    When the snuff child ring which consisted of 3 Russian jews and 8 italian jews was exposed (in Italy), a ring that abducted 2-5 year old non-jewish children and made disgusting porn films and then murdered them, on video, for profit was exposed by non jews, the (jewish) heads of the media organisations concerned fired them. This sums up the filthy disgusting people that you profit seeking mongrels are.

    • sugarhitman says:

      “Josef Ackermann is, by his own admission, Jewish.”

      Source please.

      “In the US 2% of the population are Jewish, the board of directors of the Fed is 67% Jewish.”

      LOL. False. Readers should see http://www.federalreserve.gov/generalinfo/listdirectors/

      “The disgraced sex offender Dominique Strauss-Kahn IMF Chief was Jewish, his successor Christine Lagarde is Jewish.”

      Kahn is Jewish…Christine Lagarde is a Roman Catholic. So try again.

      “And finally, the name “Diamond” is most definitely not “Irish” where Bob Diamond’s ancestors came from, they were Ashkenazi Jews, he is not “irish-American” he is Jewish.”

      The Diamond surname is Anlgo-Saxon http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Diamond….so what were you saying?

      “Also, as the jews had “no homeland” many changed their names to suit the country they were living in.”

      A very small minority did…and even most of them couldnt hide their Jewish roots.

      “Your “facts” are wrong, Jews represent a totally disproportionate (to their percentage of the population) position in banking.”

      Gentiles outnumber Jews in the Banking sector…the banking sector is dominated by Gentiles….unless you can *prove* otherwise….of course you cant. *smile*

      “Do what you do best, go and murder some more Palestinian children and then starting bleeting about the holocaust when anyone dares to criticise.”

      You just gave me a new topic….Funny you bigots fail to mention the Palestinian Human Shield Policy and their use of child suicide bombers and “soldiers”. I wonder why? Could it be because you guys dont give a crap about those kids? I guess they serve as human shields for your Jew hatred huh? Ahhh huhhhh.

      “When the snuff child ring which consisted of 3 Russian jews and 8 italian jews was exposed (in Italy), a ring that abducted 2-5 year old non-jewish children and made disgusting porn films and then murdered them, on video, for profit was exposed by non jews, the (jewish) heads of the media organisations concerned fired them. This sums up the filthy disgusting people that you profit seeking mongrels are.”

      Oh please do provide credible sources..and while youre at it….show us how the Gentiles dominate the Global Porn Industry as well. You can do that cant you? *smile*

  12. billy bloggs says:

    Calm down,calm down,,,Sounds like you have a bigger need to convince YOURSELF with your childish dribble…No one believes your bile so shut up with your defence of the PEDDLING OF HUMAN MISERY and the legalised mugging of millions of powerless people…Sugarhitman,,,just one day you might think alone,,grow some balls and think of generosity as “something other than charity. “

  13. adolf hitler says:

    fuck the zionis jews, fuck christianity, they brought no good to me, nor will I bring no good to them.

  14. BigMike says:

    I appreciate what your doing sugarhitman. You are 100% correct.. I dont understand all this Jew hate.. mostly by white anglo-saxon men or muslims who hate jews.. Blacks, Jews/Israelis are one of the Only 2 races that are found all over the world, and their dna is within every race and creed. People hate the truth, Which the father of the Lie Shaitan/Satan the devil has construed to destroy Jews and Gods Anointed.. Satan seems to hate blacks as well. Because of the Jewish blood in most of africa. Shaitan does use most of the white man to use racism on a wide scale.. he saved the worst for last.

    Now i know a lot of truth.. call me a liar.. I dare each and every one of you cum suckers to call me one. It seems that every Jew hater out there were better off miscarriages. because they are a determent to society and never contributed a single God-damn thing to enlighten or enhance Humankind.. Jews have.. a very few of them as with blacks and some muslims, have been the greatest inventors of our modern time..

    Now I do blame Jews, however for treating Muslims like shit. I encourage each Jew, and Muslim to get to know one another, and they will find that they are common brothers who should love one another, because they both have the blessing.. We are the ones who if we accept, both Jew and muslim, that we will have the blessing too..

    any Honest white man, or black, or asian, or red or any nationality will see this, and will treat Jews and Muslims with the utmost kindness as they should with all of their fellow man.

    If anything, it’s 50/50 with Jews 50% are successful and 50% are not. theres more poor Jews than they are rich.. Lets look at the facts in a truthful, non KKK/Nazi bullshit way

    Nazisim died with Hitler, remember that.. and So will this Jew hate

    Long Live the Jews, and their God!!

  15. BigMike says:

    The Jews will remain forever… Even a Shaman told me that.. Along with a native american Hopi and Lakota shaman…

    If you want to know the most powerful people… Look to the ones who are humble and seem as if they have nothing.. they have everything..

    why do people lie? why is it fun for man to lie.. and scam, and mislead people with false information

    when I will be attacked for speaking the truth..

    If you have an honest heart.. you will research Judaism with a open, honest heart.. and find that you are wrong, and consequently, change your ways

    If you keep hating Jews, and keep hating everyone, your anglo-saxon heritage will be depleted, your race will slowly merge with the ones you hate, and you will remain with malediction, and suffering until it is your time to die, and your ancestors will turn against you and you will still say.. “I hate Jews, I hate Blacks, I hate muslims, but i like them if they hate jews” you will kieep saying and thinking that… but suffer more, and more, and your nightmares come true..and you will go into a spiral of hate hating more and more, never knowing love and peace.

    Change your ways, regather your information and develop an unbiased view of life…

    and experience a more positive change..

    Face it.. The jews are here to stay, they are nice people, love them.. some of the Jewish women are some of the best lovers i’ve ever had.. and i’ve had plenty.. whats wrong with these human beings.. theres nothing wrong with them.. it is YOU who needs correction.. and you jew haters are insubordinate, and sinning against God..

  16. israelilite says:

    everything in the dark is coming to light.

  17. Shuaib says:

    Thank you, I meet sooo many people who believe Jews control everything… it’s soo annoying dude. I have to explain conspiracy nuts are well… conspiracy nuts..

  18. lars muhlhaus says:

    josef ackerman is a swiss jew.
    what about the federal reserve?
    its board of govenors is exclusively made up of jews.
    shot yourself in the foot mate…

  19. The lone soldier says:

    I’m sorry but your analysis is very shallow “Oh, the guy running the bank isn’t Jewish, so there is no conspiracy here”, Just because the people running the banks aren’t with the Zionists doesn’t mean the People controlling them aren’t.

  20. what a jewish liar you are sugarhitman. I met you on youtube and your constant hiding of the evil of the jews. you say things like “they can’t be jewish with names like that” the jews have been hiding their real names for centuries because of their hatred towards the goyim cattle. the fed is jewish goldman sachs is jewish the warburgs. these people believe it their destiny to control the goyim. “Stephen hester can’t be a jew with a surname like that”. he is a jew. what a lying dog.

    • sugarhitman says:

      African American thank you. One of your comrades claims that the FED is owned by the Rothschilds, but you say it’s owned by Goldman Sachs, and the Warburgs? LOL! Why not me? I would love to be the imaginary owner of the FED as well.

    • Dacul says:

      Exactly !!! And what the fuck are the Rothschilds ???

  21. google Stephen hester and jewish care. they are crypto jews hiding their real identities as they are instructed to in their writings such as the Talmud. “to communicate with a gentile about our teachings would be like killing all jews all at once. because if the goyim knew what we wrote of them they would kill us openly” sanhedren 59. they have to hide their identities after all of Europe was sickened by their behaviour towards the goyim all throughout history. child sacrifices and defrauding all non jews is a heavenly act. you sir are a liar.

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  23. JewOrNoJew says:

    10 dollars says whoever wrote this article is Jewish.

  24. KLAUS says:



  25. Mary Stuart says:

    Oh my! Dont´you know that the Banks you cited are mere pawns to the real bankers: The owners of the international CENTRAL BANKS, which are in their turn, mere pawns to the American Central Bank called Federal Reserve????? So naïve…….you are….They MAKE money bills! And the Federal Reserve is ZIONIST YES!

  26. Mary Stuart says:

    Oh….I forgot the Bank of England pf couse…..

  27. BooBoo says:

    Wow, SugarHitman. Atheists going IN on you, mah boi. What did you do?! For all this fanatical foam-at-the-mouth kinda s–t?

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